Big Brother's Trilogy


From a love of dystopian novels comes a curated trilogy of three classics: Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, and 1984.

With covered individuality, the jackets reflect the struggle each character faces in these stories: a desire to prove the value of being unique while attempting to blend in without being detected.

Instead of creating a cover that was representative of the entire book, I chose to make each book representative of the main characters: Guy Montag, Bernard Marx and Lenina Crowne, and Winston Smith.

Through the burning of books, Guy Montag finds reading and risks his life to learn more through books.

Bernard Marx and Lenina Crowne both struggle to both keep up and control a creeping illusion of perfection that is fueled by placating drugs and a need to fulfill their own desires without breaking societal rules.

Winston Smith finds a small rebellion through a diary, in which he writes in a near-illiterate chicken scratch about his distaste for Big Brother, who really is always watching.

Following the theme of the books as well as a modern interpretation of the ways in which we truly do live in a society reflective of these dystopias, a tracker is included in the box, under a false bottom. As the creator of this project, I consider myself the controller and thus have access to this tracker at all times. Big Brother is always watching, and for all you know, so am I.