Be PrEPed

A Fair Warning: the following content involves illustrations for sex education. While the materials are meant to be strictly educational, some viewers may consider them to be NSFW!

Safe sex made safer. There’s an app for that too.

For the DC Center and JEL Creative, I created illustrations to explain how to use a condom for a recently released app called bePrEPed.

PrEP is a medication similar to birth control but used to prevent the contraction of HIV in at-risk individuals. When taken properly, it has been shown to be more than 90% effective in preventing HIV through sex, and yet it isn't a well known option. The DC Center received a grant to promote PrEP and came up with the idea for an app to be used for education purposes and as a medication reminder.

While my first instinct was to avoid actually illustrating real penises and vaginas, I was told that there is a measurable difference in the retention of educational information about sex when using semi-realistic representations and completely fake representations of sexual organs.

I reconsidered my drawings, and then came up with a style that was appropriate for the topic, but fun enough to look at more than once. Hopefully, fun enough to learn from as well.