So... Aliens.

As a part of a four-person team, I helped create this short animation about aliens. I was in charge of illustration and final editing, and helped with scripting and animation. With programs like Illustrator, After Effects, Celtx, and ProTools, I was able to create assets for the animation with functionality and style in mind.

Meet Astro, your guide through the universe. With help from his more-or-less fictional friends, we explored the potential of finding life on other planets. While Astro's friends may be fictional, his findings aren't.

Meet Astro and a few of his friends

Scriptwriting included research, which helped us create an interesting overview of the status of space exploration.

All of the illustrations had to be functional, so we could animate him without losing body parts at certain angles. This meant that, for example, his elbow was a circle, layered underneath his upper and forearm. When his arm moved, the animators could use the joints without having to create an entirely new illustration to compensate for the new angle.

With help from creative solutions like this, we created Aliens.