Georgia Medical Skin Spa

A new look for a unique experience.

The Georgia Medical Skin Spa is a spa that offers dermatological services and beauty treatments in the tranquil, relaxing environment of a spa. With medical supervision, the cosmetic services offered by the Georgia Medical Skin Spa will make you feel better, let you enhance your natural beauty, and form your best self.

As of right now, the branding for the Spa is providing a disservice: stock images falsely advertise the services they provide, the logo can be confused for another object, and—most importantly—the current website design fails many tests for accessibility programs like colorblind tone profiles and accessible HTML development.

The old logo (technically a peach, arguably a fish)

In order to create a new look that completely represented the Spa, used symbols like the medical cross but added soft curves to emphasize the relaxation and therapy.

After exploring, I came up with a concept that created a balance between the medical treatment and relaxing experience offered.

I made sure that everything I created passed all accessibility tests, and created a brand that enhanced the user’s experience.