Modeled after my late backpack. Rest in pieces, dear Carrie.

The human brain is capable of a lot. From operating a car to exploring our own minds through the creation or art and science, every day shows the incredible feats the human brain has achieved.

Packing is not one of those feats.

“Holidaymakers spend £118m on things they forgot to pack”

With the expansive Internet of Things and the “There’s an app for that” movement, packing lists aren’t hard to find.

Four million results show up on google when you search for the words "packing list," so you’d think there would a resource that proactively created a packing list for you, but there isn’t a single packing list app that can be considered top-grossing in the Apple App store. Why? Well, because they really do no more than what we could do ourselves, with a pencil and the back of last week’s grocery receipt.

It’s not terribly hard to write down everything you think you’ll need, but the inevitable will always happen:

I came up with user profiles that included myself and set to work creating an app that I would be happy to use.

Let me introduce Bundle. The app that packs.

With the profile you set up, there’s a survey that determines what items to consistently include in your packing list—think medication, glasses, shower shoes.

As you’re planning your trip, you can log your transportation plans, reservations, and activities in Bundle, which will update your packing list accordingly.

Using intuitive activity monitors, Bundle creates a pre-packing schedule as well as a checkup schedule to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Three weeks before your departure, you may get a notification to put your travel-sized toothpaste in your cosmetics bag, but you won’t get a notification to pack your phone charger until the morning of your trip. Every morning that you have a change of destination planned, the app will remind you to check your belongings against the list of packing items used to prepare for the trip.

The interface is linear, with a navigator bar at the bottom of every page for easy navigation.

When you first create a profile, you calibrate your packing list with personal requirements, like packing habits and requirements.

You are able to store all information for a trip in Bundle—flight reservations, hotel bookings, and even activities you've signed up for.

Bundle will also generate information for your trip! Weather predictions based on climate data and weather trends help to create a packing list appropriate for your travel days and proposed activities, while a calendar will lay out a packing schedule to make travel easier.

Then, while you're on the trip, the same packing list will help to keep you organized, and it will prevent you from leaving anything behind. The itinerary will also keep you on schedule, so you don't forget about any reservations you've made.