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About Sydney Ling.

In sixth grade, Sydney thought she would be a fashion designer. Then she found out she had no sense of fashion. In seventh grade, Sydney thought she should instead be a graphic designer. So far, she hasn't found any reason to change her mind.
While studying visual communications at American University, she took a web development class that introduced her to HTML and CSS. As someone who always loved puzzles, she became that student who looked ahead in the textbook to try more advanced styling concepts in her free time. For fun.
Sydney balances her love of artistry with her fascination of tech through her work as a UI/UX designer, front-end web developer, and digital artist. For the sake of keywords, here's some things she's great at: the Adobe Creative Suite (yes, all of it), HTML, CSS, SCSS, Sass, jQuery, Javascript, CMS, digital content management, accessible web standards, email HTML, digital marketing, copywriting, and a lot more but you, dear reader, probably didn't even make it to the end of this list.

Braden Fellman.

The Braden Fellman Group is a family-owned business that has been managing residential and commercial real estate in Atlanta for over 40 years. All of their properties ooze with character while still offering the functionality of modern renovations, so their website needed to be the same: functional and accessible while maintaining an affable allure.

Sydney focused on providing a balance of all the information a potential renter could need about each unique location without visually overloading the user.

Sydney also knew that she had to keep the website manageable by anyone, so she implemented a WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) plugin through Wordpress, developed custom page and element templates, and provided extensive documentation.


The Continuum Legal Group is a boutique law firm that was started by a group of experienced and nationally recognized attorneys. From its conception, Continuum shed unnecessary overhead, obstacles, and antiquated corporate formalities that often come with the complexity of large legal firms. What remained after the jettison was a sleek and attentive collection of attorneys. Sydney’s plan from the start of her inclusion was to create a brand that communicated Continuum’s devotion to their clients and their modern take on a legal group without foregoing the professionalism found in the brands of most law firms.

Beacon Construction.

Beacon Construction was started by a pair of construction experts, Andy and Jarred, who have more than 50 years of experience in every step of commercial construction. They began working together to create a company that could be more involved through every step of the construction process. Most commercial construction companies are only available to work with clients once plans are fully developed and end their contract as soon as building is completed, but Beacon Construction decided to stick with their clients all the way through. Sydney helped develop the company from the start, even with naming and messaging. She developed a subtle, professional brand that wouldn’t detract from their message, while still visually communicating their expertise. The website she developed did the same, providing a simple web presence to help inform their potential clients about their capabilities, as well as reach out to contractors and other industry professionals seeking partnership.

The Motif.

The Motif is an apartment complex in the Morningside area of Atlanta. The building itself is old, and for a while was owned and run by a company that was content with simply maintaining the passible condition. When it was purchased, plans were immediately established to renovate every unit as well as the common areas. The owners knew the community had the potential of offering updated residences in a sought-after neighborhood at an affordable price, and decided to rebrand the complex to reflect the changes. Sydney helped throughout the branding process and developed a single-scroll website to help show off what The Motif had to offer.

Oaklyn Guitars.

Oaklyn Guitars offers handmade and hand painted electric guitars. Every guitar they make is unique not only in the materials used to make each body, but in the one of a kind painted face plate by different talented artists. Oaklyn Guitars promises that they will never duplicate a single guitar, so their web presence had to communicate the artistry and individuality they offer. Shopify’s platform is built on their proprietary template language, Liquid, and requires an understanding of Ruby to customize. Using Liquid, Sydney was able to tailor the theme to best showcase the art provided by Dante Orpilla, which speaks volumes about the craftsmanship and finesse on its own.

Sydney's Experience.

She's got nearly a decade of it. Her talent for creative problem solving is only rivaled by her ability to implement the solution. She fosters constructive dialogue among peers and clients alike, and thrives as a part of a team. You should really check out her resume. Or better yet...

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